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Board Nominations


Nominations for the 2024 ECA Board are Now Open

ECA Board of Directors nominations will be accepted from October 17-27, 2023. We currently have four director openings, and we hope that many of you will consider putting forth your name as a candidate. Subsequently, elections for the 2024 ECA Board of Directors will begin on November 8 and close on November 20, 2023, at 2:00 PM MST.

For the elections, the primary contact listed for each full-member firm will receive one voting ballot.  If your firm needs to update your ECA primary contact, please email  If you have any questions regarding the election, please contact

Board Membership Classifications

Classification No. of Positions
Board Chair 1
General Contractors 3
Trades 3
Manufacturers & Suppliers 3
Architects & Engineers 2
Appointed Members - can include:

  • Past Board Chair, Industry Leaders,
    Politicians, Private & Public Owners, groups outside of construction
Total 16


It is an expectation that firms nominate candidates with significant or senior leadership, authority, and oversight in their firm to be eligible to run for the Board. This does not mean that small organizations cannot participate, in fact, it is important that ECA has small firm representation on our Board.

2024 ECA Board Election Process:

The ECA’s Board of Directors will be comprised of up to 16 Directors, 1 Director Ex-Officio (the Chair of the Board), and up to 4 appointed Board members. Directors represent the Association's 4 Classifications of Membership — General Contractors (3), Trade Contractors (3), Manufacturers & Suppliers (3), and Architects & Engineers (2). Directors are elected for 3-year terms.

We are required to elect 4 Directors for the 2024-2026 term:

  • 1 candidate to represent the General Contractor classification
  • 2 candidates to represent the Manufacturer & Supplier classification
  • 1 candidate to represent the Architect classification
AArtboard 1

Seated Board Members under the following classifications for 2024 include:

2024 Board Chair

  • Jen Hancock – VP Collaborative Construction, Chandos Construction Ltd.

General Contractors

  • Ben Wagemakers – Operations Manager, PCL Construction
  • Ryan Christensen – Senior Project Manager, Delnor Construction

Trade Contractors

  • Bert DeBruin – CEO, AltaPro Electric Ltd.
  • Darryl Wiebe – President, Kerr Interior Systems Ltd.
  • Dustin Bennett – Operations Manager, CCS Contracting Ltd.

Manufacturers & Suppliers

  • Daniel McAllister – Commercial Account Executive, HUB International Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Architects & Engineers

  • Steven Oosterhof, Partner Structural Engineering, DIALOG


Appointed Directors (Directors who have been nominated for a 1-year term starting on January 1, 2024, expiring on December 31, 2024)

Past Chair

  • Derek Ciezki, Partner, SMP Engineering

Private Owner

  • Paul Fereday, Vice President, Multi-Family, Cantiro

Public Owner

  • Lindsay Munn, Vice President, Property Portfolio Management, Civida

Marketing, Communications and Strategy

  •  Matt Aubin, CEO, Keen Creative
David Johnson

ECA Member firms are invited to nominate a representative of their company to stand for election. Please note that if elected, an Associate member firm must become a Full member in order to have their candidate participate on the Board. All nominees will be placed on an email ballot to be circulated to the membership between November 8-20, 2023. Following the election, new Directors will be announced on November 22.

Please be advised that ECA Board Members are volunteers that require approximately 75-100 hours of personal commitment per year. This includes four quarterly board meetings, one of which occurs at the annual 3-day Board retreat, as well as Board Committee responsibilities. Newly elected directors are required to attend a board approved Governance Training program within one year of being elected.

Thank you for considering your participation in our board election as a voter, or as a potential candidate. Best of luck to all those who choose to run.



David Johnson


Edmonton Construction Association