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Election day is May 29.

Pre-election member communiques

In the months preceding the provincial election campaign, the ECA engaged in provincial advocacy on behalf of our members, with representatives of the UCP and NDP caucuses. In collaboration with our colleagues from the Calgary Construction Association, we identified four priorities and challenges and proposed policy solutions to ensure the next provincial government supports your businesses and Alberta’s construction industry.

We encouraged the UCP and NDP to reflect these in their parties’ election campaigns.

Our advocacy has been successful. The UCP and NDP have prioritized capital investment and infrastructure announcements during the election campaign and initiatives to address workforce attraction, retention, education and training. We have also received written commitments from both parties to close gaps in prompt payment legislation and to seek ECA and CCA engagement on any potential changes to labour legislation and regulation.

This memo shares correspondence the ECA has received from the UCP and NDP through the election campaign and information about commitments and commentary both parties have shared with other stakeholders in the construction industry, including BILD and the Building Trades of Alberta. Please consider this information as you cast your ballot. Please visit the Elections Alberta website for information about advance polls and voting locations across the province. It will inform the development of the ECA’s government relations strategy to guide engagement with the new provincial government for the balance of 2023 and into Budget 2024.

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