YP MERGE is your one-stop calendar and portal for all the YP events in Edmonton. Go there now...

YP Merge aims to encourage collaboration among Young Professional groups in the Edmonton region. It grew out of the SHIFT Conference, which the Edmonton Construction Association's YBG Group initiated in 2015.

SHIFT has taught us how worthwhile it is to participate in each other's YP events. Collaboration starts with relationships – and relationships don't come out of thin air.  

We often hear: "It's impossible to keep track of all the different YP events in Edmonton." Not anymore. YP Merge is your one-stop calendar and social media portal for all the YP events in Edmonton.

No more juggling. No more missing out. One calendar to rule them all.

Our mission is to have every construction-design-consultant-owner YP group connected with YP Merge. 

If your group isn't connected yet, REACH OUT and let's change that!


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