YBG initiatives are supported by a Leadership team focused on three areas of activity:

  • Networking
  • Industry Collaboration
  • Education

The Chairs of these committees – along with the YBG Executive Chair and ECA Board Liaisions – meet regularly to set and coordinate direction. Chairs are committed to two-year terms.

The community of YBG "ambassadors" is much larger, and includes the dozens of volunteers who make committee initiatives a reality. Ambassadors are involved in everything from event logistics, to feeding the buzz at networking events, to inviting their circle of contacts out to YBG events.


2019 ECA Board Liaisons

Derek Ciezki SMP Engineering  
Rob McGrath Synergy Projects  

2019 YBG Leadership Team

Ben Aitchison One Properties  
Richard Haas PCL  
Ryan Hutton HighLine Electrical  
Mathias Jonsson Standard Scaffolding & Insulation  
Daniel McAllister HUB International  
Ty Seifeddine Chandos  
Jennifer von Berendt Dialog  
Lindsay Munn-Price University of Alberta  
Paul Rogers Rescom  
Lacey Watson Blacktop Paving  
Thomas Ziegler Al-Terra Engineering  

ECA Staff Representatives

John McNicoll ECA Executive Director  
Caroline Bowen ECA Director of Membership  
Matt Schellenberger ECA Director of Corporate Development