Greetings ECA members and industry stakeholders,

Due to an unexpected and immediate shutdown of our current BuildWorks service provider, the ECA is transitioning to a new BuildWorks platform today. Although we were planning for this transition, it’s happening much earlier than we expected.  We apologize for any inconvenience. 

The purpose of the change is to update our infrastructure and improve the user experience, clearing the way for more enhancements over the coming months. 

What you need to do

There are some immediate steps you need to take in order to continue accessing construction information through BuildWorks.  You will receive an email from BuildWorks at 6pm on Sunday, April 5th inviting you to set your password prior to logging in.  If you do not/did not receive an email, please follow the below instructions to login for the first time.

1) Go to the login page at
2) Click the "Forgot Password" button
3) Enter the email address associated with your BuildWorks Canada account.
(This should be the same email in which you received this message)

Once your password is updated, you will be able to enter the new BuildWorks Canada platform.  When you login, you will find all current project information available, though some of your profile information may have to be re-entered.

Transitioning to the new platform

We realize that this sudden transition is less than ideal, and we're here to make sure the disruption to your business is kept to a minimum.  As such, please feel free to make use of the following tools:

  1. Should you have general questions about the change please CLICK HERE to see our BuildWorks Platform FAQ page to answer any common questions you may have about the new platform.

  2. Should you have general questions about the platform functionality, please CLICK HERE to view a series of quick and easy training videos to help you navigate some of the changes to the platform.

  3. We have also created a robust HELP page to answer more of your questions.

Most importantly, if you have any additional questions, or require immediate assistance, please contact us at or 780-483-1130.  

Thank you in advance for understanding, we appreciate your support and patience during this transition.

John McNicoll