Study on the Development of BIM/DPD Around the World and Relevant Application in Western Canada
By Mohammed Tareq Ali

Summer 2019 Internship - Sep 2019
A report submitted in part consideration for the full internship submission at ECA and BuildWorks:

BIM, DPD and VDC are common buzzwords in the construction industry around the globe.  The below report provides an extensive and detailed review of BIM implementation in different places around the world, including Europe, The United States, South-East Asia and Middle East & North Africa regions. This includes the adoption rates of BIM across these different jurisdictions, as well as the tactics adopted by government or private entities (construction associations and tendering/procurement platforms) to push forward and incentivize the usage of data rich modelling.  The main purposes include: increasing efficiency, building higher quality structures, saving on construction costs, and maintaining a much lower cost over the life cycle of the building (the operations and maintenance phases).

The second part of the report focuses on Alberta, where past research papers are highlighted, and interviews executed with local key-industry players, including engineers & architects, general contractors, owners and fabricators /manufacturers are presented. These interviews examine points of view that at times can seem opposing, however, all the interviewees emphasize the importance of a road-map that leads owners/clients (the main drivers of DPD/BIM due to their ultimate control over project requirements) to an understanding of how to employ DPD/BIM in their future projects.  The outcome of this report, the process map,  is designed to act as a catalyst to Building Information Modeling implementation in our local construction community, supported by the Edmonton Construction Association and BuildWorks Canada.

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