Tell Us Your Scope

Tell Us Your Scope

Members have told us that ECA Directories would be more useful if it were possible to search companies by scope. That's a great idea – but to do it, we need your help. 

A searchable directory is possible, if each firm will fill out the Trade Category Classification Form. The form includes both approved Masterformat Divisions and standard Trade Definition scopes.

The scope information that you submit will be added to our Online Membership Directory, which will make your firm more easily searchable by potential clients and partners.

How to complete the form:

  1. DOWNLOAD the PDF form.
  2. Select all scopes of work performed by your company. You may not be able to do this in your web browser – you need to open the downloaded form in Adobe.
  3. Save the completed form.
  4. Click the "SUBMIT" box inside the form.
  5. Questions? Call 780.483.1130

The Divisional numbering system is based on the latest version of MasterFormat – if you are not sure where your work is placed, please feel free to search a the MasterFormat Numbers and Titles listing located here, or contact where you are unsure about where your trade work belongs.

By associating your company with the divisional numbering system, you are contributing to improved project documentation and communication, and providing the ECA Trade Definitions Committee with valuable feedback on the nature of construction business in Alberta and across Canada. The Alberta Construction Trade Definitions are a critical component to identifying work during the bidding and tendering phase of projects. The Trade Definitions are regularly updated through contributions of the membership and feedback we receive from the trades, meaning that the list of inclusions and exclusions within any single Trade Definition is as accurate as possible.

The Trade Definitions Committee is expanding the user interface, to make it easier for professional designers (architects and engineers) to identify specification content by work results and elemental descriptions. The outcome of this additional content will mean that project specifications are better coordinated with the work of the Trade Definitions, meaning that it should be easier to identify work associated with individual trades. The information will also be used to identify areas where scope-of-work described in Trade Definitions overlap, or where components of work are not described so as to make assigning trades associated with those scope-gaps easier to define for the General Contractor, Construction Manager and Design Builder members of the association.