A Message from the 2012 ECA Board Chair

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

On behalf of the Board of Directors for the ECA, I would like to express greetings for a happy and healthy New Year, and a prosperous 2021 for each and every one of our valued members.

Construction in the greater Edmonton area was yet another challenging year in 2020 with reduced volumes for most, as well as much competition for many of the projects that were available. As in traditional resilient Edmonton fashion, many of our members were able to cultivate and secure reasonable volumes to sustain market share and retain key employment levels. We remain encouraged that continued economic recovery in part through increased government spending in 2021 will stimulate our local and provincial economies, and provide opportunities to our industry.

The challenges associated with COVID-19 in 2020 have been significant to say the least. Our industry has responded well to these challenges as we find innovative ways to “construct safely” and be leaders following the mandatory provincial health measures that have been put into effect to protect our healthcare system and slow the spread of COVID-19. We are leaders in adapting to varying and challenging conditions on our sites, and have pivoted our business models and construction processes to adapt and lead safely on jobsites and workplaces within our industry. We will remain strong working together to continue to deliver our services safely and lead our economy to recovery.

2020 was, despite its challenges, a very successful year at the ECA. We continue to be the Hub of Construction where all construction industry stakeholders meet to collaborate and drive membership investment. Our BuildWorks platform continues to provide best in class project opportunities for our industry. Our YBG Group continues to grow and attract members in the first half of their careers. Our Board of Directors is a very diverse group of industry leaders that are dedicated to being exceptional stewards of our association and its resources. We remain in a strong financial position and continue to provide value to our members through a variety of key pillars: collaboration, education, procurement, and networking. With a new reimagined strategic vision, your Board of Directors is working closely with ECA management and staff to ensure the success of the future of your association for many years to come.

I would like to thank our Executive Director, John McNicoll, and our amazing team at the ECA for their hard work and commitment in ensuring the ECA remains relevant and provides value to its members. For that, I remain grateful for their collaboration and friendship. Please stop by our office and meet our incredible team at your convenience.

In closing, the ECA wishes much success in the face of the many challenges facing our industry in 2021. The ECA will continue to advocate on your behalf and continue to be one of the most highly respected construction associations in Canada.

Warmest Regards,

D.E. (Doug) Hansen

2021 ECA Board Chair

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