Digital Project Delivery: Beyond BIM With All Project Stakeholders

Digital Project Delivery (“DPD”) has been an emerging concept for building lifecycle activities for nearly a decade in our region. In the last several years, Alberta has been leading the transition in Canada towards DPD through the release of Owner requirements for digital handover by Alberta Infrastructure, the University of Alberta and several other public and private owners. With a growing desire to deliver projects digitally and significant advancement in leveraging data throughout a building’s lifecycle, there are opportunities for all stakeholders to contribute to this digital process. DPD allows for better designed, built and operated building assets. It also means more profit for everyone.

The ECA is supporting this transition through a Digital Project Delivery Curriculum. Through the leadership of Holo-Blok architecture and Edmonton’s leading industry experts, the program will prepare all stakeholders for the part they play in the digital process.

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$495.00 + GST & includes the following :

  • 8 instructional hours split into 2 half-day virtually instructor-led training sessions on the topic of Digital Project Delivery for all stakeholders
  • Using the Zoom platform
  • A certificate of completion
  • 1 Gold Seal credit
  • The opportunity to network with other companies
  • Discounted bundled rate to follow for those who are interested in attending Session 2 and Session 3


  • Session One | March 10 - 11 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM (Both Days)
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  • Session Two | Coming Soon
  • Session Three | Coming Soon


Session 1 - The Big Picture


On Day 1, participants will be introduced to the concept of DPD. They will become familiar with the terminology, fundamental concepts, and implementation considerations. Attendees will participate in a mock project where they will identify opportunities to maximize value from a digital process. Finally, attendees will understand the emerging benefits of DPD and where the industry is going with building data.

Session 2 - Owners

Dash Day 2 Owners Coming Soon

Owners drive this process. They set the expectations, obligations, and requirements for a project. It is important that they clearly define the requirements without unnecessarily inflating delivery costs for the project. 

During Day 2 for Owners, attendees will understand the prime considerations that guide Owners during a DPD project. Owners will learn about workflows they can adopt to support DPD and will be provided with tools to ensure their requirements are being met. 

Day 2-O is designed with a focus on Owners. Consultants, contractors, trades, manufacturers, and suppliers are encouraged to attend so that they can support Clients and understand the underlying Owner benefits of DPD.

Session 2 - Consultants

Dash Day 2 Consultants Coming Soon

Day 2-C: Digital Project Delivery for Consultants: And The People They Work With

It usually starts with consultants. When a project begins, Consultants are retained to define the parameters of a project and conceptualize design solutions which will become the eventual building. 

During Day 2 for Consultants, attendees will understand what Consultant obligations are during DPD. Attendees will understand how to translate conventional practices into workflows that support digital delivery. They will understand the tools available to digitize conventional processes and the interplay with other stakeholders.

Day 2-C is designed with a focus on Consultants. Owners, contractors, trades, manufacturers, and suppliers are encouraged to attend so that they can understand what to expect from consultants and how they can supplement traditional consultant activities to generate more value.


Session 2 - General Contractors

Dash Day 2 Gc Coming Soon

Day 2-G: Digital Project Delivery for General Contractors: And The People They Work With

Digital Project Delivery doesn’t end when the boots hit the ground. General Contractors are responsible for reconciling design data with practical realities and for compiling handover documents for operations. 

During Day 2 for General Contracts, attendees will understand how Contractors can leverage existing project data to inform construction related activities. They will be introduced to the tools available to support scheduling, phasing, estimating, and execution using digital processes. Finally, they will understand how to structure construction data for turnover to Owners. 

Day 2-G is designed with a focus on General Contractors. Owners, consultants, trades, manufacturers, and suppliers are encouraged to attend so that they can understand what to expect from general contractors and how they can supplement contractor efforts to generate more value.


Session 2 - Trades, Manufacturers and Suppliers

Dash Day Trades Coming Soon

Day 2-T: Digital Project Delivery for Trades, Manufacturers and Suppliers: And The People They Work With

So much “stuff” goes into a building and there are hundreds of players on a typical project. The bulk of the players are Trades, Manufacturers and Suppliers. 

During Day 2 for Trades, Manufacturers and Suppliers, attendees will understand how these traditional practices can be digitized. Attendees will understand how to best deliver project information to other team members and how to avoid costly rework, errors and omissions on site. The adoption of tools to support digital integration by Trades, Manufacturers and Suppliers increases opportunities for pre-fabrication and exponentially increases efficiency project execution on site. 

Day 2-T is designed with a focus on Trades, Manufacturers, and Suppliers. Owners, consultants and contractors are encouraged to attend so that they can understand what to expect from these stakeholders and how they can better integrate their participation to generate more value.


Session 3 - The Future of Industry

Dpd Day 3 Coming Soon

Digital Project Delivery has many immediate benefits, including more efficiency, less waste, more collaboration, and better buildings. With the rapid advancement in technology in our industry, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, Digital Processes will yield even greater benefits for all stakeholders who embrace these workflows.

During Day 3, attendees will learn about emerging digital practices in the near and long term. Attendees will understand how a timely transition to DPD will support emerging technologies and how they will be at the forefront of adoption. 

Finally, the course will culminate with a tradeshow with technology vendors who will showcase additional tools and integrations to support DPD. Food and beverages will be served during the tradeshow. 

Day 3 is designed for any stakeholder involved during a building’s lifecycle, including owners, consultants, contractors, trades, manufacturers, and suppliers.