Digital Project Delivery Coming Spring 2020

Cost of the Course: $1495 +GST

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Digital Project Delivery (DPD) is the natural evolution of design, construction and operations. In an industry that is slow to change, the time has come to eliminate waste and make projects more profitable for Clients, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Subcontractors and Manufacturers and Suppliers. As more of us see firsthand how much project value can be gained through effective collaboration, it will become the norm for all construction – private or public, big or small. Those construction businesses and clients who lack experience in collaborative project delivery face a growing skills gap. To close that gap, we need a coordinated effort informed by all these stakeholders - that's what this is all about.

The Edmonton Construction Association (ECA) and Holo-Blok are here to help, with this 24-hour one-of-a-kind training, that cover all the tools and processes you need to succeed on a collaborative construction team. The course has been carefully crafted by experts in each of these disciplines and will teach attendees about how the current system is broken and will understand current opportunities available to correct these shortcomings. Attendees will work together in groups to understand discipline specific lessons that will allow them to embrace this transition. They will also work with other disciplines to appreciate the interplay and opportunities throughout design and construction that result in better, more profitable, projects. Finally, attendees will learn about emerging trends in Facility Management programs of owners, such as Alberta Infrastructure, so that they can remain competitive in this field through meeting the goals of owners.

Industry is headed toward a new Virtual Collaboration: Taking BIM to the next level. Register now, and let’s get there together.


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 Course Outcomes:

  • Understanding the culture shift that is happening in design and construction
  • Understanding of the terms and abbreviations prevalent in the industry
  • Identifying waste in the design and construction process
  • Understanding of how collaborative approaches can make you more profitable
  • Understanding the practical application of owner Facility Management requirements for each discipline
  • Creation of a common understanding for the industry on how this transition can benefit all stakeholders

 Six modules = 24h of comprehensive training for collaborative construction design and execution (see below for a detailed schedule).

The course is 6 half-day sessions, for a total of 24h of training. Sessions 1, 2 and 6 cover the principles that are common across all disciplines. Sessions 3, 4 and 5 are breakouts that cover the practical applications for 4 specific construction disciplines:

  • Consultants
  • Owners
  • Subcontractors & Suppliers
  • General Contractors

 Session One: The Philosophy Pt. 1 (All participants) (4h)

This portion of the course will provide the foundational groundwork for design / construction stakeholders. Attendees will:

  • Understand the purpose of why Client’s are moving toward FM / AIM frameworks
  • Develop a vocabulary and understanding of what can be asked for
  • Understand the culture shift that will make it work for everyone
  • Understand the frustrations and roadblocks of different stakeholders
  • Appreciate the different procurement models and how they affect the delivery of digital information
  • Understand the prevailing industry benchmarks

Session Two: The Philosophy Pt. 2 (All participants) (4h)

This portion of the course will continue to provide the foundational groundwork for design / construction stakeholders. 

Session Three: Discipline Specific Implementation (Breakout group of each discipline) (4h)

In the first breakout session, the attendees will be provided with the information and considerations they need to participate in digital project delivery specifically in relation to their disciplines. Attendees will:

  • Understand that all organizations, big or small, can participate in digital project delivery
  • Understand that implementation can be incremental
  • Learn about the effect of different procurement models on their participation
  • Understand what training / staffing requirements they need to participate
  • Understand other discipline specific implications of digital project delivery

Session Four: Digital Project Delivery During Design (Breakout group w/ 2 from each discipline) (4h)

In the second breakout session, attendees will be provided with the practical guidance on how to respond to digital project delivery requirements during design of a project. Breakout groups will walk through design activities to appreciate implications. Attendees will:

  • Understand where and when to begin
  • Understand the importance of early stakeholder engagement
  • Learn about efficiencies and eliminating waste
  • Appreciate the current flow of information and appreciate opportunities for new approaches
  • Understand what AIM information should be entered during this phase

Session Five: Digital Project Delivery During Construction (Breakout group w/ 2 from each discipline) (4h)

In the third breakout session, attendees will be provided with the practical guidance on how to respond to digital project delivery requirements during construction of a project. Breakout groups will walk through construction activities to appreciate implications. Attendees will:

  • Understand clash detection, fabrication models, and issue avoidance
  • Understand the ability to leverage model information for pre-fabrication
  • Understand technologies to facilitate construction activities
  • Understand how to combine documentation, AIM, and construction efforts
  • Appreciate the opportunity to shift and combine work effort 

Session Six: Digital Project Delivery During Operations (All participants) (4h)

In the final session, attendees will be provided with an insight into what their efforts as their respective disciplines, during the phases of the project, results in for owners. Attendees will:

  • View a fully functioning COBie Document with an associated Facility Management model
  • Understand how information is accessed by Owner groups
  • Understand how information is maintained during operations
  • Understand the future capabilities of the information

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