Past Presidents

Since its inception in 1931, the Edmonton Construction Association has been guided by elder statesmen and -women who served their industry in exceptional fashion.

Each August, the Kehoe Classic gathers current ECA Directors and Staff, Past ECA Presidents and Directors, Claude Alston Award recipients, family, friends, and distinguished guests, to celebrate the incalculable contribution of many generations of ECA leaders. The event is named in honour of Larry Kehoe, whose decades of service to the ECA, ACA, and CCA set a standard for dedicated service that continues to inspire.

ECA Past Presidents   1931–2020

1931-1934    Richard Foote Purcell & Foote Construction
1935-1941    No Records  
1942-1944    Jim Morgan Freeze Maxwell 
1945 James Haddow Haddow Maughan Plumbers
1946 Robert Dingwall  
1947 Harold G. MacDonald Standard Iron Works
1948 Fred Forster Bennett and White Construction 
1949 August Maure  
1950 Robert Rae   
1951 James Haddow Haddow Maughan Plumbers
1952 John Poole Poole Construction (PCL)
1953 Stuart Olson Stuart Olson
1954 C.W. Christensen Christensen and MacDonald
1955 Alec Shaw Poole Construction (PCL)
1956 M.H. Troskey Burns and Dutton
1957 Bill McCready McCready & Johannson Products
1958 Walt Hiller Burns and Dutton
1959 Ralph Hole Lockerbie & Hole 
1960 Gordon Alexander Alexander Construction
1961 Bob Stollery Poole Construction (PCL)
1962 Jack Campbell JK Campbell and Associates
1963 Jack Holmes Columbia Tile and Terrazzo
1964 Les Nelson Solar Construction
1965 Jim McBride Industrial Power
1966 Chuck Annable Universal Concrete Accessories
1967 Bruce Campbell Camwill Construction
1968 Norm Blakey Dominion Bridge
1969 Jock Dawe Poole Construction (PCL)
1970 Ed Bate Bate Engineering
1971 Al Olson Stuart Olson
1972 Gord Hammond Hammond Electric
1973 Bob Bodner CANA Construction
1974 Bud Cameron JK Campbell and Associates
1975 Bill Weir AV Carlson Construction
1976 Ernie G. Christman  Fuller Knowles Mechanical
1977 Bob Fowler CANA Construction
1978 Bill Faulder Western Supplies
1979 Nick Driedger PCL Construction
1980 Nick Driedger Buffalo Engineering
1981 Al McLean J Masons and Sons
1982 Norm Tyson Comsound Electronics
1983 Rick Forest Forest Construction
1984 Grant Duncan Reed Stenhouse (AON)
1985 Wayne Cameron  Keller Construction
1986 Doug Bate Bate Industrial
1987 Will Campbell Camwill Construction
1988 John Taylor Associated Tile and Terrazzo
1989 Larry Kehoe Kehoe Equipment 
1990 Len Powell  Stuart Olson 
1991 Grant Grosland Chris-Mac Installation
1992 Norm Dick Expocrete Concrete Products
1993 Peter Beaupré PCL Construction
1994 Ric Francoeur Labbe Interiors
1995 Bill McLean McLean Young Construction 
1996 Jim Gove Wedge Construction (1990)
1997 Ken Stanton Stanton Metal Fabricating 
1998 Gus Hope Carmacks Enterprises
1999 Bob Morrison  Agra Foundations Limited
2000 Henry Nimilowich Overhead Door 
2001 Peter Dawson Dawson Wallace
2002 Daryl Samycia Desco Coatings 
2003 John Moquin Inland Concrete 
2004 Phil Roy Christensen & McLean Roofing
2005 Jim Humphries North American Construction
2006 Duncan Binder Binder Construction
2007 Don Onyschuk Shanahan's Building Specialties 
2008 Don Stenson Carlton Project Management 
2009 Michael Spotowski Desco Coatings
2010 Ted Zandbeek Carlson Construction 
2011 Paul Verhesen Clark Builders 
2012 Scott Emerson Inland Concrete 
2013 Marvin Olansky A & H Steel 
2014 Barry Pfau Ledcor, then Westcorp 
2015 Chris Ambrozic Scorpio Masonry 
2016 Dave Bentley Marsh Canada


Alan Kuysters PCL


Don Barr Lloyd Sadd

2019 - 2020

Trevor Doucette Graham Construction