Core Purpose


The Edmonton Construction Association exists to Advance the Construction Industry by Serving our Member Firms.

We are the Hub of Construction Excellence, where all industry stakeholders work together to build shared success.



In our service to member firms, we exhibit these Core Values:


    • Pursue shared goals
    • Draw upon the experience of others – realize the potential of the team
    • Influence team success – be passionate about what we do


    • Earn the respect of others and seek to resolve differences quickly and kindly
    • Practice humility, clarify expectations, and honour commitments
    • Inspire ethical and responsible construction


    • Drive industry toward innovation and creativity
    • Establish consistent best practices through wise choices
    • Challenge the status quo, promoting continuous improvement
    • Build industry knowledge and skills continuously

Member Service

    • Cultivate long-term relationships with stakeholders, based on trust, service, and advocacy
    • Deliver relaible and exceptional service to members, on their terms
    • Nurture and maintain competitor friendships