2019 Election

Board elections will take place January 3-16, 2019 with results announced on January 18th.

We are required to elect 6 Directors for the 2019 term:

  • 2 to represent the General Contractors
  • 1 to represent the Trades
  • 3 to represent the Manufacturers and Suppliers


Each full-member firm is eligible to nominate a representative from their firm to stand for election by completing the nomination form. Associate members are not eligible.

Each nominee must submit:

1. A professional biography (max. 250 words), outlining their current position, industry experience, and any industry or community volunteer activities. This information will appear on the online ballot.

2. A high-quality headshot photo for use on the ballot. Any digital graphic format is acceptable.

3. Email and phone contact details. This information will not be included on the ballot.

Please fill out the Nomination Form and submit it to wendy.billey@edmca.com before 4pm on December 14th.

Nomination Form

** If you have any trouble filling out the form, please contact Wendy.Billey@edmca.com

The Election Process

Once again, the election will be administered by Vote Now, a third party that specializes in online voting.

Each full-member firm will receive one ballot. The ballot will indicate the total number of open seats in each category – GCs, Trades, and Manufacturers and Suppliers. The 2019 ballot will include 6 voting opportunities. Each voting firm will be able to place up to 6 votes, but only 1 per candidate. Election results will be compiled upon closing. If your firm needs to update your primary voter contact at the ECA, please email lisa.kehoe@edmca.com.




Alan Kuysters, PCL Construction

ECA Board Chair • ECA Governance & HR Comm. • ECA Finance & Risk • ECA Stakeholders Strategy & Engagement • ACA and CCA Representative


Don Barr, Lloyd Sadd Insurance

ECA Board President • ECA Governance & HR • ECA Finance & Risk • ECA Stakeholders Strategy & Engagement


Jason Collins

Jason Collins, Collins Steel

ECA Board Treasurer & Secretary • ECA Governance & HR • ECA Finance & Risk • ECA Stakeholders Strategy & Engagement • BuildWorks Representative


Jillene Lakevold

Jillene Lakevold, All Weather Windows

Chair, ECA Governance & HR • Alberta Construction Association Representative


Trevor Doucette

Trevor Doucette, Graham Construction

Chair, ECA Stakeholders Strategy & Engagement • City of Edmonton Liaison • ECA Education Comm. • Canadian Construction Association Representative


Tim Coldwell, Chandos

Chair, ECA Finance & Risk • YBG Liaison




Robert King, Unicon Concrete Specialties

Chair, ECA Education • ECA Stakeholders Strategy & Engagement


Roger Buksa, Arpi's North

Chair, Alberta Trade Definitions • ECA Stakeholders Strategy & Engagement

Rob Mcgrath

Robert McGrath, Synergy Projects

YBG Liaison • ECA Stakeholders Strategy & Engagement

Andrew Sharman

Andrew Sharman, University of Alberta

ECA Stakeholders Strategy & Engagement • ECA Procurement Committee

Sean Rayner

Sean Rayner, VETS Group

ECA Finance & Risk • ECA Procurement Committee

Doug Hansen

Doug Hansen, Fillmore Construction

ECA Finance & Risk • ECA Education Committee


Greg Burghardt, Arrow Engineering

ECA Finance & Risk • ECA Procurement Committee

Trevor Panas

Trevor Panas, Inland Concrete

ECA Governance & HR Committee



Alistair McBride, PCL Construction

ECA Finance & Risk • ECA Education Committee